Kimberley the creator and designer of Inspirational Flowers and Gifts.  A amazing person who connects to your spirit and can give you answers that you may be looking for through her flower readings.


Your Florist

Kimberley your florist at Inspirational Flowers and Gifts.

I am a qualified Florist.  My passion is flowers, the aroma, the colour, the individual essence of each flower and what each flower represents.

I love connecting to the spirit and energy of the flowers to whom my special arrangements that I have created make their way to the person or home.

 The magic begins from the time you choose your arrangements. An energy exchange occurs between the florist, the sender and the receiver in every arrangement created.

 When creating and designing the flowers  arrangements through to selecting the gift that goes inside the arrangement makes it just magical.  It is like the flowers already knows where they are going and to whom the flowers were designed for.

Flowers connect to the soul and heart of  each person.  Lift you up and they give that feeling of life and presence when you receive them.

I love creating flower arrangements that connect to the heart and soul of the person that they are intended for.



You Can Order a Small Arrangment for a Friend

Giving a friend, colleague or family member a flower arrangement can be very special.

From the moment you call me to order your arrangment to it being delivered there is a special energy connection.

All you have to do is tell me is a little about where the flowers are going and a little about the person.  From a short conversation I will connect to the energy of the person and know exactly what flowers will work best for them.

I love being able to choose the perfect flower to the colour of the paper right through to the gift I place within the arrangment as that special suprise when they receive their flowers.


Flowers for A Special Event

When you have a special event coming up call and we can chat about the flowers, colours and arrangments that will make your event an event that they will always remember.

Inspirational Gifts


Angels are special protectors and messengers.  Connect to your angel today.

Ask for the help that you need knowing that an angel always walks by yourself taking care of you.  All you have to do is ask.


Crystals are magical.  Every crystal has a special energy and a meaning.  When you pick up your crystal and hold in your hand and you link to the messages you want to hear they will come through.  Crystals are great when you feel anxious and upset.  Allow the calming energy of the crystal in your hand and work with the breath.

Inspirational Messages

I love designing inspirational messages. Messages that are special as they give you the motivation and ways to move forward in life.

Most of all I love working with my son Hamish who designs amazing shirts for you to wear with special affirmations.

Our Home Garden – The One we Create Within

The Lives We Live

The beauty of a garden of flowers is that you can see the harvesting of seeds that have been planted.  A great way to feel that everything in time comes to fruition.

Be Wise and Grow

Be Wise and Grow

Look for the messages - they are always there to guide you.

Kimberley Galbraith

Kimberley Galbraith

Inspirational Creator and Floral Designer



My Amazing Son. I am so proud of him and his venture into his own business at the age of 15. His affirmations always perfect for the occasion.

“Kimberley is amazing.  My go to person when I am in doubt about a decision I know I need to make.  She connects to my energy, then will douse to double check.  She comes back with an answer.  She is always right”.


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