Inspirational Flowers & Gifts

The gift of love, kindness and joy to yourself  or to a special person.

Flowers are amazing they can give so much in special ways.  They can lift you up when feeling down.  Flowers are awesome when you need to connect to your heart, spirit and soul.  They can give you answers when you feel lost.  Each flower has a special meaning that will connect to your and your subconscious.  Try a flower reading today and see what magic they can bring to you.

The Gift of Love, Healing and Inspiration through Flowers

Fresh Flowers to You

Flowers are a special gift to give to yourself, give to a loved one or that special person on a special occasion.

What makes my flowers special is the littler hidden gift within.  Each bunch has that special good luck gift inside.  Look for the suprise.

Flower by Kimberley

Kimberley has the amazing way of working with flowers and their beautiful connection to the soul.

When Kimberley designs an arrangment it is not just about the flowers, the combination of the type of flower, the colours, the paper and to finish off the gift of love through flowers is always the special gift she puts inside the arrangement.

The gift always has a special meaning.  It can be a crystal, an angel or a feng shui lucky item.



Inspirational & Feng Shui Gifts

Check out my shop where I have inspirational and feng shui gifts.

Buy a gift for yourself or buy a gift for a friend who may be feeling down or lost.

Little gifts with notes and words of inspiration can do so much when life is not great.

Order Your Flower Bunch for Your Cafe or Shop Today


Please call or email if you would like to sell Inspirational Flowers and Gifts in your Cafe or Shop.

A great opportunity to use a space to add extra income as well as brighten an area in your cafe or shop.

Meet Kimberley

Kimberley your florist at Inspirational Flowers and Gifts.

I am a qualified Florist.  My passion is flowers, the aroma, the colour, the individual essence of each flower and what each flower represents.

I love connecting to the spirit and energy of the flowers to whom my special arrangements that I have created make their way to the person or home.

 The magic begins from the time you choose your arrangements. An energy exchange occurs between the florist, the sender and the receiver in every arrangement created.


Flower For Special Events

Flowers for All Occasions

Call and discuss your special event.

From weddings, to birthdays or simply a fun day by the water.

Kimberley will design and create an amazing package for your and your party or event.

With her love and passion of flowers and how they can create an amazing energy in a room or area when people come togther.

When Kimberley designs her arrangments she works with her knowledge and passion of the energy of each flower, the colour combinations and the overall feeling when people walk into a room or into an event space.


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